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To read the full company profile please click here

To read the full company profile please click here

Kia ora tātou,

TAHITO is excited to be nominated this year for the Mindful Money Ethical and Impact Investment Awards.

Director Temuera Hall joins Mindful Money to discuss the development of distinctive Māori approaches to sustainability and ethical investing.

Te Papakite Vision
  • Nō te ao tahito tōna kawa Tahito. Nā te kawa
    Tahito te kawa o te ora. Kei te kawa tahito te
    ora. Kei ana tikanga te hua. Kia mauriora. Ko
    te heke tuatahi ko TAHITO Te Tai ō Rehua
    Fund. Ko te kohi a TAHITO i ngā rekareka
    o NZX me ASX.

    We have developed a unique way of
    measuring companies using Māori
    ancestral knowledge. In doing so we
    are applying our best Māori ancestral
    knowledge for the future.

    TAHITO selects listed companies based upon
    indigenous Māori values. We apply our
    indigenous value set to measure relational
    behaviours (Whanaungatanga) and
    connectivity (Aroha). By building Aroha, a
    business improves its Mauri (wellbeing).

    Our first fund is the TAHITO Te Tai o Rehua Fund,
    selecting listed companies on the NZX and ASX
    according to our stringent indigenous measures.

Te Papakite Vision
The TAHITO Commitment
We commit to our best ancestral knowledge
We commit to our best ancestral practice
We commit to our best for us
  • Manahua te tapu o Tahitokī

    Empower ancestral thought

  • Manahua te tapu o Tahitokōrero

    Empower ancestral word

  • Manahua te tapu o Tahitowānanga

    Empower ancestral action

  • Manahua te tapu o Tahitongāwari

    Empower ancestral mastery

  • Manahua te tapu o Tahitohou

    Empower ancestral future

  • Manahua te tapu o Tahitowhakaara

    Empower ancestral awakening

  • Manahua te tapu o Tahito e

    Empower ancestral spirit

He huanui Te Kawa Tahito, kotahi tonu te tipu.
There are many more values, behaviours and ethics but these
are the most operative in our TAHITO process.

To deliver TAHITO we have partnered with ISG – Investment Services Group.
ISG consists of JMI Wealth, Select Wealth, Clarity Funds and Devon Funds with offices in downtown
Auckland City, by the beach in Takapuna, the largest town in Northland, Kerikeri
as well as Palmerston North and Wellington.