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He aha nei a Tahito
What is TAHITO?

He kawa atua a TAHITO
He kawa aroha a TAHITO
He kawa kotahi a TAHITO

Kia kotahi te aroha. Kia hawaikīhoutia te ao.
E aroha mai ana te UN me te WEF.

Kua whai wāhi te mātauranga o te ao tīpuna hei
ora mō te ao. Tū mai ana te ao atua, hua mai
ana te ao taketake.

TAHITO is about re-building the connection

between people and the environment. It is an
indigenous contribution towards a new global
story of diversity, equity and sustainability.

TAHITO is collective self intelligence. Collective
self intelligence is connection; Everything is
interrelated, nothing exists of itself.

We feel our method is a timely contribution to the
momentum created by the global initiatives from
the United Nations and the World Economic

These institutions have created the platform for
indigenous values to be a solution to global

As awareness in climate change and sustainability
intensifies, the world is increasingly looking
toward indigenous cultures, values and
sustainability practices for solutions.

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Mā wai a TAHITO?
Who is TAHITO for?

Ma Te hunga:

1. E aroha ana ki Te Kawa Tahito.
2. E aroha ana ki te mauri o Te Kawa Tahito.
3. E aroha ana ki te te mauri o te ao.

Mā ngā tikanga o Te Kawa Tahito ngā reka e

Mā Te Kawa Tahito ka ora. Kei Te Kawa Tahito o
Ranginui rāua ko Papatūānuku te mauri o te ao.

TAHITO is for investors who:

  1. Would like their investment funds aligned to
    a high level of values and principles;
  2. Would like their investment to be
    sustainably managed ; and
  3. Would like to see their capital applied
    ethically in investments with positive social
    and environmental purposes.

We use ethical screens in selecting investments,
for which Māori indigenous values, principles and
behaviours serve as the foundation.

Māori ethics put people and the environment first
because both are fundamental to living and

This thinking falls out of the ancestral Māori
worldview which centres on connection and the
interdependence of all things.

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He aha ngā tikanga o TAHITO?
How does TAHITO work?
  1. Ka kohia ngā reka e Te Kawa Tahito.
  2. Ka hangaia te pūtea haumi ki ngā tikanga o
    Te Kawa Tahito.
  3. Ka hautūtia ki tōna taumata.
  1. We have applied Māori ancestral knowledge
    to select what we believe to be the best
    companies (focusing initially on companies
    listed in Australia and New Zealand).
  2. We then apply stringent financial, valuation
    and portfolio construction knowledge to
    develop the investment portfolio.
  3. We have institutional grade operational and
    compliance systems to administer and
    manage the fund.