Te Papakite Vision
  • Kia ora te aroha
    Kia hora te aroha
    Kia kotahi te aroha
    Kia hawaikīhoutia te ao
    E aroha mai ana te United Nations
    me te World Economic Forum
    Kua whai wāhi te mātauranga
    o te ao tīpuna hei ora mō te ao.

    Mauri Ora - Reconnecting through a Māori
    worldview. Taking the ancestral Māori
    worldview to the world.

    At TAHITO we believe that by increasing our natural
    human quality of aroha (love / compassion) we can
    re-build the connection between people and
    the environment.

    It is an indigenous contribution towards a
    new global story of diversity equity and

    Global initiatives by the United Nations and
    the World Economic Forum have
    encouraged us to advance this purpose

    They have created the platform for indigenous beliefs, values and systems to flourish.

Te Papakite Vision

He haumi pūtea a Tahito nō te ao tīpuna, ko Te Kōwhiringa Tapu te huarahi.
Mā te kawa tahito ana tikanga o te haumi pūtea.

TAHITO is indigenous ethical investing, Te Kōwhiringa Tapu is the process. We apply ancestral Māori knowledge to determine
a set of key principles to guide and drive investment behaviours and decisions.


  • Ko TAHITO te ringawhiu o te pūtea haumi 
    We aim to be leaders in Māori indigenous investment

    Ko TAHITO te ringarehe o te pūtea haumi 
    To develop, implement and manage Indigenous Māori ethical investment funds and financial services with national and international appeal.

    Ko TAHITO te ringatohu o te aroha haumi 
    To provide a Māori world view story to assist in
    transforming the world towards regeneration

    and harmony, through the emerging cultural
    rejuvenation areas of literacy, creativity, critical
    knowledge, sense of place, empathy, trust, risk,
    respect, and recognition.

    Ko TAHITO te ringawhiti o te ao haumi
    To identify where Māori values and ethics may
    align with the fourth industrial revolution (4IR)
    themes of holism, cosmophychism,
    eco-systems, multi polar, universal basic
    income, circular economy, the Inclusive
    Development Index, data science and more.

O Nui Ethics / Values
Ō nui

Nā Te Kawa Tahito ana tikanga
We have developed these TAHITO Value Statements from our indigenous knowledge to guide our investment thesis:


  • Whanaungatanga tō ao

    Understanding all relationships in the interconnected world: internal and external, commercial, social, environmental and cultural.

  • Whakapapa tō mana

    Understanding that the business is interdependent and relies on its total environment to succeed. Care for people and the environment and they will care for you.

  • Whakarongo tō hiwa

    The company strives to reach the best balance across all its relationships. Typified by the principles of a circular economy; kia mimiti, kia tukurua, kia whakahau (reduce, reuse, regenerate)

  • Whakatau tō kaha

    Understand the collective strength across the business. It acts positively and with integrity.

  • Honotahi tō wairua

    Competitive forces are dealt within a complementary manner. Core principles and values extend beyond physical and material gain.

  • Utu tō mauri

    Care for the environment and give back to the local communities. Identify the key drivers to success and repay the source, i.e. stakeholders, people, clients, environment, communities.

  • Mahitahi tō tapu

    Strive to co-operate with all forces and agents in your ecosystem. Strong social, environmental and cultural ethics are imbued in the organisation, measured an acted upon.

  • Humarie tō mārama

    Seek harmony in its business across all systems and relationships. Be clear and transparent, display honesty and integrity, communicate clearly. Be conciliatory and collaborative in negotiations.

  • Kawa tō ora

    Success beyond financial. Celebrate and encourage successful behaviours and have long term sustainable growth potential.

O Nui Ethics / Values
He aha te tohu o TAHITO?
What do we want TAHITO to be known for?
  • Tāwhirimatea

    Cultural and commercial integrity

  • Tāne

    Sustainable, ethical and regenerative behaviours

  • Rongo

    Performance and innovation

  • Leadership

  • Atua

    Good people doing great things

O Nui Ethics / Values
Ngā Tāngata
Our People