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Haumie Tiketike
Indigenous Investing

TAHITO is a unique way of measuring companies using indigenous knowledge combined with conventional financial
analysis. Our ancestral knowledge comes from many centuries of in-depth observation of nature and astronomy.
Our ancestral knowledge existed prior to our arrival in Aotearoa, in the period known as ‘Te Ao TAHITO’.
It’s the knowledge that enabled our ancestors to traverse and thrive across the vast Pacific Ocean.


How does TAHITO work?
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The Māori Ancestral Worldview

The Māori world view is relational and
interconnected and its foundation is captured in
Whakapapa or genealogy. Whakapapa is about


It is the intrinsic understanding of connection;
everything is interrelated, nothing exists of itself.
We call this ‘collective self-intelligence’; when you
look through this lens then you will understand the
Māori world view.

Arguably it is the loss of connection that underpins
the major issues we face across the world, from
climate change to loneliness. We believe that by
re-connecting you can drive positive change in
economics, finance and all societal behaviours.

Whakapapa – Connection:


The Māori world view is founded in Whakapapa
or genealogy. In the Māori world view humans
are not the centre.


At a basic level Whakapapa maps your human
descent and your connection to your extended
family. At the higher level, Māori Whakapapa
transcends the physical;


a) It maps our origins,

b) It connects us to everything in the world
we live in,

c) It is the creation narrative left by our

d) It is our indigenous blueprint.


We liken Whakapapa to block chain, each
level (or generation) represents a block of
data. The challenge is being able to unlock
that data.

Aroha and Mauri


Life force is fed by connection. Mauri is life force -
Aroha is connection - Aroha feeds Mauri.


At a very simple and esoteric level we are
measuring Aroha, for it is Aroha and Mauri that
give Whakapapa its energy.


So, by increasing your Aroha (your level of
connectivity), you increase your Mauri (or life
force), and we are on track to making the world a
better place.


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Te Kura Māori
Māori Philosophy

Apakura o te aroha – Compassion

Hineahuone o te kura – Natural

Hinetītama o te tapu – Sacred

Hinenuitepō o te wairua e – Eternal

Mahuika o te mauhī – Passion

Murirangawhenua o te kauwae – Purpose

Hineteiwaiwa o te kotahi – Unity

Hineraukatauri o te rerehua e – Freedom

How does TAHITO work?
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Te Kura Māori
Māori Philosophy

The Māori world view follows nature’s model.
Our Hawaiikian Whakapapa has been bequeathed
by our ancestors in three main forms:


Te Ōrokohanga – the simple creation story. The
Creation narrative explains the context of this
world and how it was created.


Te Wānanga – the formal male tohunga or expert
teachings (also known as Te Whare Atua) connects
us to everything in the physical world and
describes emotional states.


Rarohenga – The female realm connects us to our
spiritual birthplace, and represents the
reconnection from the individual state to that of
the collective.


The male and female whakapapa lineages help us
live meaningful, purposeful lives within this world.

The base Māori ethic states that people, sky, land,
ocean and environment are one. Whakapapa
genealogy enshrines this understanding. It brings
all your connections to you as part of your family.


It is from these genealogical lines and narrative
that we identify our indigenous values, ethics and
behaviours. Māori ethics put people and the
environment first because both are fundamental to
living and thriving. This thinking falls out of
the ancestral Māori worldview which centres on
connection and the interdependence of
all things.


Its ethics strive for balance and consensuality.
Its behaviour is complementary and


Its target is reciprocity and harmony.


Investment philosophy
Investment philosophy
Investment philosophy

The TAHITO investment philosophy focuses on providing high quality ethical investment services to
investors. It is based on the following principles:



1. We are ethical investors. We actively seek
companies that are well run and meet our
stringent Māori ethical screening tests.


2. We are values-based investors. We invest in
high quality companies that display
connectivity and relational behaviours and
qualities, have (or are committed to) a low
environmental impact and have a high level of
social and corporate responsibility.


3. We integrate MSCI Environmental Social and
Governance (ESG) research on a values basis
in our ethical screening.


4. All securities undergo fundamental valuation
and financial quality analysis.


5. We take a long-term view.


6. We are active investors.


7. We have a disciplined approach to risk