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TAHITO Te Tai o Rehua Fund

The Fund was initially launched in October 2019 as a wholesale unit trust, limited to wholesale investors and managed by Clarity Funds Management Limited in partnership with TAHITO Limited as the investment consultant.

In June 2021, the Fund converted to a retail unit trust open to all investors.

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Ngā Tahua
Funds Overview

The TAHITO Process

We have derived over 50 qualitative and quantitative measures from our indigenous value set that are applied to screen companies.

These are not ‘negative screens’. We apply our measures mostly through a positive screening process.


The quantitative measures are integrated with ESG on a values basis. The qualitative measures are carried out through direct research.

Key features of the Funds

Te ngako o te Tahua:

  • Positive ethical screening
  • High ESG quality
  • Active management
  • Very low carbon foot print
  • Environmental and social impact
  • Competitive wholesale fees
  • Application of the indigenous ethical lens

What we look for in companies:

  • Display connectivity and value relationships
  • Serious about their ethics
  • People and the environment are high priority
  • Open and transparent
  • Share the wealth
  • Care for and give back to the community
  • Strong competent governance
  • Willingness to change and engage new technology
  • Long term sustainable growth potential



Nga Putea


TAHITO Te Tai o Rehua Fund Performance

Te Hauwha tuatahi: Poutū te Rangi 2022 (Returns net of fees)

Performance table

Benchmark - 50% NZX 50 Portfolio index (including imputation credits) / 50% ASX Accumulation 200
index (in NZD).  Fund returns are after deductions for fees but before tax. Benchmark returns have no
deduction for fees or tax.

Performance v benchmark




Fund Analysis

Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio analytics

*Figures as at 31 March 2022

Portfolio Fossil Fuels


Fossil fuel exposure


The companies in the Te Tai o Rehua Fund hold no fossil fuel reserves whereas 4% of MSCI listed equites with a AAA or AA ESG rating have gas and oil fossil fuels exposure.

Portfolio Carbon Emission Summary


Carbon emissions

The carbon emissions in Te Tai o Rehua Fund are 84.2% lower than all NZ AU MSCI listed equites with a AAA or AA ESG rating. Carbon intensity is 76.1% lower and weighted average carbon intensity is 59.6% lower. (NZ AU AA+ = New Zealand and Australian equities with and ESG rating of AA or better) (NZ AU IMI = The Morgan Stanley New Zealand and Australia Investible Market Index).