Tahito Celebrates Matariki with a Touch of Reciprocity and Ethical Giving

We're excited to share some heartwarming news about Tahito, your go-to indigenous ethical investment fund, where finance meets the wisdom of Te Ao Tahito, Māori ancestral knowledge.

Christine Langdon from The Good Registry recently spotlighted Tahito for our exceptional approach to celebrating Matariki this year. Tahito's values, which are deeply rooted in caring for people and the environment while fostering reciprocity, shine through in every aspect of their business. See Christine's post here:

Rather than the traditional gift-giving route, Tahito decided to take a unique path to honour Matariki, by making donations on behalf of our clients to 6 remarkable charity partners of The Good Registry:

1. Kai-bosh
2. Māori Literature
3. Ngā Tangata Finance
4. Para Kore
5. Sustainable Coastlines
6. Whenua Warriors

Scott Crow, a representative of Tahito, shared that these donations symbolize our clients' unwavering commitment to the Tahito ideals of aroha (love, compassion), mauri (lifeforce), and fostering utu (reciprocity).

The chosen charities align with four essential domains that hold significance for both Tahito and its cherished clients:

• Manaaki o ngā rawakore: Upholding those who face adversity, particularly within our community, and providing support to those struggling to meet their needs.
• Manaaki o Papatūānuku: Nurturing the well-being of Papatūānuku (Earth Mother).
• Manaaki o Ranginui: Fostering the well-being of Ranginui (Sky Father).
• Manaaki o Tangaroa: Supporting the thriving health of Tangaroa (God of the Sea).

Tahito continues to be a shining example of ethical, indigenous business at its very best!

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and updates from Tahito!

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